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Multiplying With PCB Net

PCB or printed circuit boards are the most commonly used circuit boards nowadays. They are specially made from glass fabricated plastic. PCBs are used to support the electrical components of the board mechanically and connect these components together electronically. These components include pads, laminated copper sheets and conductive tracks. These electrical components are being soldered to the board. Holes are drilled to secure a strong hold among the parts and components of the board.

PCB Assembly


You can create the designs manually using a photo mask on a Mylar sheet based on your requirements and preferences. Print the design on the board and place it along with the right components to the location where you intend to put it. The design can be single sided or made from one copper layer, or double sided having two copper layers or multi-layered having outer and inner layers. At, we accurately follow your preferred design and you can easily choose the right component for your board on our page. Our boards provide the highest caliber.

Printed circuit boards electronic parts are permanently fixed that is why it simplifies the identification of the components as well as makes the maintenance of the board easier. Because it is embedded, cleaning each board gives no fear in removing or twisting the wires.

Different Uses Of Printed Circuit Boards :

PCB Fabrication

Use of printed circuit boards is ideally made for reproduction. Using the same design, a lot of copies of the board can be produced at a short period of time. These copies are accurate with the provided design and are secured. Because the components of the board are embedded, you have a guarantee that it only has a small chance of leading to a short circuit. Because they are digitally printed, you also have an assurance that the components are at the right place with the least chance of wrong wiring. We at allow you to reorder the previous design made. Plus, you are assured that there is a hassle free and accurate reproduction of the past designs created. Uniformity of the designs produced is also assured because each board is digitally printed.

Electronic circuits used on school or for industries make use of printed circuit boards. Because of the uniformity, it is ideally used for the purpose of mass production. The most probable reasons for preferably using printed circuit boards on such industries is that each produced copy is accurate, secured and fast reproduction of circuits on a short period of time. We at can cater the needs for maximum bulk orders with our high quality printed circuit boards. We use a special unique tool to jet solder paste without direct contact.

We also offer a competitive price along with a high quality product. There is no need to inspect each produced board since we have highly standardized produce. Your convenience when it comes to payment is also on top of our priorities, so we accept various payment schemes including Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

At, you can easily navigate the system so that ordering and designing the right board for your purpose can easily and accurately be achieved. We offer the different components needed for your board along with a BOM or billing of materials, which is a list wherein the needed components for your board are listed. With just a few clicks, you can achieve your goal and produce the right board for your purpose and intentions. We value your needs that is why our company is considered as one of the most experienced and innovative successful suppliers of printed circuit boards.

Ordering is a lot easier with our site due to its easy to navigate system. You can easily place your orders accurately with the right design and material. You also have a guarantee of a high quality production for each circuit board. Each board is characterized by accuracy and reliability along with the supported design for a trustworthy produce. We deliver on time along with competitive price and quality.

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At , we offer a competitive price along with a high quality product of Printed Circuit Boards. PCBs are used to support the electrical components of the board mechanically and connect these components together electronically.