TaylorMade Golf offers a wide array of clubs for the serious golfer. From drivers to putters, the brand is capable of creating high-quality designs that can improve your game. Of course, with so many choices they have available, it can still be tough to choose the perfect model for use. If you’re currently having a hard time with this, there are some things that can be done to help with the process. That being said, following are some tips on how to choose the perfect TaylorMade Golf clubs!

TaylorMade Drivers

When choosing a driver, the most important thing you have to consider the loft. Average golfers typically have a swing sweep of 90 mph which means that they need something with a high loft. Anything beyond 12 degrees would be perfect for beginners.


Also note that TaylorMade Drivers provides you with a selection of different shaft lengths in their clubs. A shaft length of 46” usually works for off-the-rack products. Experienced golfers usually choose something in the 44 to 45 inches range, for comparison purposes.

Currently, TaylorMade offers several Drivers that fall within these categories. They also have bestsellers such as the Jet Speed TP Driver and the SLDR 430 Driver. Make sure to consider different features such as head size, swing weight and grip before making your choice.

TaylorMade Irons

Golf irons is one of the basics when it comes to playing golf. Choosing one usually depends on your mastery of the game and the amount you want to improve. In fact, the three types of irons are dependent on your learning capacity. There’s player’s iron, improvement iron and super improvement. Beginners are advised to obtain the improvement iron for their first purchase.

Take note that irons can be expensive compared to other golf clubs. Fortunately, TaylorMade Golf offers reasonably priced ones for those who are just starting to improve their game. This is one of the biggest mistake people make in golf – buying an expensive club before they’re properly improved. If you’re just starting, opt for TaylorMade products no more than $300 for irons.

Currently, there are dozens of choices from the TaylorMade brand ranging from Speed Blade Individual Iron to RocketBladez Individual Iron. Again, take your time when choosing a favorite.

TaylorMade Wedges

TaylorMade GolfGolf club wedges can significantly improve your game if you know exactly what you’re looking for. The features to keep in mind during a purchase would be the bounce, the loft and the finish. The finish doesn’t really lend to performance and is basically dependent on your personal style preferences. The loft and bounce are another matter however and can greatly impact your scoring ability.

Ideally, the loft should be around 56 degrees for beginners, providing them with an excellent starting point. Some experts however advise around 58 degrees for better playability. As for bounce, opting for the standard is usually best. Note though that bounce is dependent on the golf course. If you’re playing on tough and dry land then a minimum bounce is best. Typically, measurements for bounce run between 2 to 14. Professionals often choose wedges using their set of iron as a reference point. Hence, it’s best to shop for an iron first before buying the wedges and use the length of your iron to find a same-length wedge.

TaylorMade Golf also offers several golf wedges, the most popular being the TourPreffered Wedge. Wedge costs are relatively cheap so buying one shouldn’t be a problem. As a beginner however, it’s best to steer clear of expensive club wedges until you feel yourself properly improved.

Of course, those are just some of the golf clubs you’ll need for golf. Other types include putters, fairway woods and even hybrids. The Taylor Made Golf website should provide you with excellent insight about their different products. This will make it easier for you to assess and compare the different clubs, allowing you to choose the best one possible in the roster. Keep in mind that the best golf clubs vary from one person to another so consider your personal playing characteristics before making that choice!