Basically, we can describe a lanyard as a cord or rope that is mostly worn around the neck to display and carry an object. If you have not considered using lanyards for your marketing campaign, we will provide you more information in this article that will help you decide if they are right for your business. Of course, if you decide to get them, we are also here to help create them for you.

Lanyard As A Promotional Item

As a promotional item for your business, a lanyard is definitely less expensive than other items. It is practically a clothing accessory, which offers a great option for promoting your business. A lanyard can be outfitted with attachments such as clips, so it will suit your needs to hold not just ID cards and badges, but also other things like keys and mobile phones. No matter what marketing purposes you have, you will find that lanyards are really useful.

We can see a lanyard at trade shows, exhibitions and conferences. It shows the logo of the organization hosting the event. Often, it is given as a free gift by the organizers to advertise their product or service. A lanyard, which serves as a promotional gift, is a common scenario for many corporate events.

A lanyard is not just useful at events like trades shows and conferences, but also an inexpensive option for freebies given to employees and customers. With the design that suits your requirements, your promotional lanyard can reach a lot of people when your employees and customers wear them.

A lot of marketing techniques can be expensive and may need a lot of input from the management, but lanyards are certainly inexpensive and simple items that you can use to get your message across your target market.

Options For Your Lanyard

When you use a lanyard that has your company logo and message, it would be a powerful way to advertise your products and services to prospective customers. We offer extensive options when it comes to materials, colors, sizes, lengths, and printing methods, as well as the attachments that you want to use. The choice for every promotional need may be different and lanyard manufacturers like us are aware of this, so we provide a lot of options that would suit your business needs.

To help you create the perfect lanyard for your organization, here are some helpful tips:
1.Right Material

When choosing the type of material for your company, consider how you will use the lanyards. For easy-to-clean and durable material for outdoor or industrial use, choose a rubber material or heavy-duty nylon. However, if you want a breathable and lightweight material, which provides comfort even after using it for a whole day in the office, choose a woven cord or cotton material.

The widths available are usually 1”, ¾”, ½”, and 3/8” wide. Choose a wider material if you will include custom text or artwork so that it will be clearly visible when printed.

2.Attachment Options

A lanyard can have metal and plastic attachment options. Make sure that you choose something strong enough to support the objects you want to carry on your lanyard.

3.Safety Options

Think about safety when the lanyard is going to be used around heavy machineries and in hospitals. You can add a quick-release or breakaway option to your design or length adjusters to secure the lanyard in place.


Bold and bright colors can help organize the users into different categories and easily catch prospective eyes. Colors are crucial aspects in the final appearance of the lanyard, so choosing the appropriate colors can make you have a professional-looking design. Also, do not just choose colors just because you like them, but because they match your brand and they look good together. Your company may already have its own colors, so that is a good place to start. Be creative in incorporating your company colors into the design of your lanyards.